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Update to Caledonia Bridge Closure

We are sharing the most recent communication received on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation:


The Argyle Street Bridge, built in 1927, is a crucial piece of infrastructure that has served the community for many years. Given the age and condition, it is currently load posted at 8 tonnes. The ministry has observed vehicles exceeding the weight limit continue to cross the bridge, despite this restriction.


The upcoming inspection is to allow for static load testing of the bridge and as you noted is planned for July 3 and 4, with a July 5 contingency date. This type of inspection is not the same as the inspections that are typically undertaken of bridge infrastructure and is essential to determine if the bridge can continue to safely carry emergency vehicles and inspection equipment. The full closure of the bridge is necessary to complete and the testing with different loading levels. After each test, the data will be analyzed and visual inspections conducted. The visual inspections must be completed in daylight and given the bridge's nine spans and overall length of approximately 200 metres, the inspections and testing will take several hours, with the work done during regular working hours. Performing the tests and subsequent visual inspections at night is not feasible.


The ministry understands the impact to local businesses as a result of closing the bridge during business hours. The ministry is working closely with Haldimand County, OPP, and all other affected parties to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety of workers and the public. In the event that emergency services require crossing the bridge, there is a plan in place for allowing expedient and safe passage.  The west sidewalk will remain open to pedestrian traffic during the closure periods.


Thank you for bringing these concerns to our attention. MTO will continue to work with the Caledonia Chamber of Commerce and local authorities to keep everyone informed and prepared for any interruptions. Safety is our top priority, and this testing is necessary to ensure the safety and functionality of the bridge.


Should you have further questions regarding this matter, please contact Chris Dixon, Senior Project Manager, at or 519-933-9170.



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