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Listening Tour Starts Now

Today I first heard the term ‘listening tour.’ It’s likely exactly what you’re thinking of right now; an opportunity to connect with members of a community to get a sense of what’s most important to businesses in a town. Well, that’s swell I thought to myself and I’m pleased to present the following options for an unofficial listening tour for the Caledonia Regional Chamber of Commerce.

I’m looking forward to meeting and learning from you all over the next few months and hoping to plan some exciting networking opportunities for our members soon. Stay tuned, and until then you can reach me in several ways:

· Zoom Call- stay home and still get the face-to-face experience.

· Old School Style- No need for wifi, I’ll call you and we can chat like it’s 1999.

Click here for the Calendar Link for either of these options

· In Person – Want to visit the Train Station? Would you prefer to meet at your business or favourite coffee shop? I’ll do my best to accommodate that too.

· Email- do you like to read and type instead of talking? Just send a note.

Click here for email or to set up a time to meet

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