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Canada Day Celebration Planning is underway

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

The Canada Day Celebration is one of Caledonia’s premiere events. With businesses, organizations and residents marking the occasion, the special day is filled with activities that allow Canadians to come together and celebrate our country’s history, culture, and diversity. In 2023, the Chamber of Commerce will be bringing these festivities back to Kinsmen Park.

Kinsmen Park is Caledonia’s most popular river-front destination, making it a perfect backdrop for Canada Day. Returning celebrations to the park honours the event's rich history and allows eventgoers access to many great facilities. The pool, splash pad, playground, and pavilion will be open for everyone to enjoy, and the walking path is a relaxing way to explore the Grand River.

Canada Day attracts tourists from neighbouring towns and cities and is our chance to share our incredible town with event-day guests. Many of whom will quickly see the benefits enjoyed by residents who live, work and/or play here. In addition to this, there will be inflatables, music, food and refreshments. We look forward to seeing you there!

Volunteers are integral to our history and the backbone of Canada Day celebrations. It takes special individuals to lend us their exceptional gifts and talents and more significantly, their time to make sure that every year and event is a success. The Caledonia Regional Chamber of Commerce is so appreciative of them for their continued dedication and hard work, we thank them for all that they do.

If you're interested in contributing your unique perspective to Canada Day 2023, please join us and our partner organizations, including representatives from Haldimand County, at the Train Station on February 7th at 7 pm to help us imagine, grow and set in motion this year’s festivities.

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