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Special Projects

The Special Projects team, since 1996, when renovations began on the Train Station have completed many projects always a benefit to the community. They meet every Saturday morning, have coffee about 10 am at the Train Station following their first couple of hours at work and after coffee return to the job until about 12 noon.


There are many major projects that the CRCC Special Projects team have accomplished over the years. One of those projects was manufacturing the street Christmas snowflakes in their workshop in 2012. Making sure they are all in good shape and that plugs, brackets and electrical connections are in place has been ongoing every year since. With everything in working order, the 2014 snowflakes create a beautifully lit Christmas in Caledonia.


Smaller renditions of the snowflake commenced in 2014 with 5 additions to the Patterson Walkway. More will be purchased in years to come for other walkways along the Grand River.